Engine Oil

It is normal for engines to consume some engine oil during operation.

If the Oil Pressure Warning light glows continuously, check the engine oil level and add the recommended grade of oil if necessary.

Use Mahindra Maximile Premium Engine Oil only. It is ideal for your Bolero.

(Note: Engine oil consumption depends upon the viscosity and quality of the oil, and upon the conditions in which the vehicle is driven. Oil consumption will be more due to high speed driving and frequent acceleration and deceleration. A new engine will consume more oil since its pistons, piston rings and cylinder walls are not conditioned).


Inspect your vehicle's tyres periodically by performing the following checks:

1. Measure the air pressure with a tyre gauge. Adjust, if necessary.

2. Check for abnormal wear, cracks and damage. If any tyre shows abnormal wear, have it inspected by your Mahindra Dealer. Replace, if needed.

Fuel Economy

Get up to 25% more fuel efficiency from your Bolero by following these tips.

The fuel consumption of your Bolero will stabilise after it runs at least 3000 kms. Make sure you drive within the recommended speed limits, i.e. less than 80 kmph, in the initial running-in period.

Mahindra Bolero Mileage

Keep your driving speeds within 50 kmph and 80 kmph for comfortable driving & fuel economy. This vehicle has plenty of low-end torque / pulling power, therefore avoid shifting down into lower gears unless necessary. On levelled roads, you can drive at 50-55 kmph in the 5th gear (overdrive gear) for the best mileage.

Though the powerful engine allows you to drive the Bolero at high speeds, a steady speed of 80 kmph in the 5th gear is recommended.

City / Traffic Conditions

Avoid frequent short trips (less than 1 km), start and stop situations. This will result in poor fuel economy.

At a traffic signal, shut off the engine if you expect to be 'idling' for more than 2 minutes.

Sudden braking & rapid acceleration wastes fuel. Drive smoothly.

Drive at a constant speed as far as possible.


Ensure engine tuning, use the right lube oils and change filters at the recommended intervals. Make sure tyre pressure is set to the recommended values.

If your Bolero is used in dusty conditions, ensure that the radiator and condenser fins are regularly cleaned with compressed air (air blown inside-out).

Fuel Consumption Monitoring

To monitor fuel consumption, we recommend you use the full tank method.

1. Run your Bolero till the 1/4th or start of reserve.

2. Run your Bolero till the 1/4th or start of reserve.

3. Re-fill the tank to the top & note kms run.

4. Divide the total kms run by the amount of fuel filled.

We recommend you maintain your own log of the fuel consumption; this will help you to monitor your Bolero's fuel consumption pattern.

Air Conditioning Usage

When using the AC, change the blower speed to 1 or 2 after reaching your comfort level.

Tyre Pressure

The tyre pressure should be checked in cold. We recommend that you get a good quality tyre pressure gauge and check the pressure in the morning before starting. Check once in 15 days during winter and once a week during summer.

If the pressure is not as per recommendation, get the air pressure corrected at a petrol bunk with a digital gauge.


Safe Driving