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Mahindra Bolero SLX - Features - Safety

What do you get when you combine raw power with advanced technology and a tough-as-nails exterior? Unparalleled safety! Check out the features that make the Bolero the safest car in India.

Mahindra Bolero SLX  - Engine Immobilizer

Engine Immobilizer

The Bolero employs state-of-the-art technology to prevent theft. Thanks to the new encrypted key recognition system, the ECU rejects any duplicate keys used to start this car. 

Mahindra Bolero Utility - Child Locking

Child Locks

Worries have no place in your Bolero experience. With the Child Safety Lock, you can be assured that no doors can be opened when in transit without you knowing it. 

New Masculine Bumpers in the  4 Wheel Drive

New Muscular Bumpers

The strong bumpers on the Bolero are designed to provide maximum safety in case of unfortunate impact.

Mahindra Bolero SLX Safety - Headrest


The padded headrest protects the neck and the head when breaking suddenly.