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Mahindra Bolero Plus - Interiors

The interiors are a perfect complement to the stylish outside. And they'll make sure you're nothing less than comfortable. Come what may.

Advanced Digital Display

New advanced digital display adds vibrancy and ultra modern style to the Bolero’s interiors.

New Steering Wheel

The New steering wheel is designed to give you a better controlled, stable and smooth driving experience.

New Seats

The seats with the new foam and improved fabrics offer extreme comfort and make your trip pleasurable.


A space full of state-of-the-art technologies right in front of your eyes makes your driving experience hassle-free.

Ergonomic door grab handles

These are thoughtfully located to reduce fatigue and make every journey more comfortable.

Easy-to-operate MP3 deck *

The CD MP3 player is located for easy operation so you never have to take your eyes off the road.

Trendy control knobs for the air conditioner

The controls for the AC, heater & Blower are contemporary and respond to the slightest touch.

Multi directional AC vents with flow control

These new AC vents can be directed for maximum comfort. The best thing is that even the AC flow can be controlled.

Voluminous glove box

The glove box is just at an arm’s length away and has a large amount of storage space hidden inside.

Space saving centre console

The centre console is spacious and yet it has lots of utility spaces for neatly tucked away various passenger needs.

Two tone gear knob with effortless gear shift

This gear knob is not only stylish but has been designed to make gear shifts effortless.

Easy access parking brake lever *

The parking brake lever has been located to allow drivers to reach it without any effort.

Comfortable Seating

The driving seat is positioned to help reduce fatigue. And gives the driver a commanding view of the road ahead.
*Vehicle and accessories are for representation and actual model may be different.