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Corporate Advantage

At Corporate Sales, it is our continuous endeavour to provide delightful customer experiences and build life-long business relationships. We give various benefits to customers depending on the eligibility criteria and also provide group / bulk purchase incentives with minimum quantity criteria.
What is the Corporate Advantage?

i. Purchased by corporate institutions
- It includes buying in the name of the company or in the name of the employees from the company.

ii. Purchased by leasing companies
- We support and facilitate purchase by leasing companies.

iii. Purchased by fleet/travel operators
- We support fleet operators who buy cars in large numbers and have specific needs to run and maintain a large fleet.

Special Excise Duty Exemption

Foreign diplomats, ambassadors and members of international organizations enjoy excise duty waiver and sales tax waiver as per exemption given by the Government of India on car purchase.

Canteen Stores Department

This scheme is extended to all commissioned officers belonging to Ministry of Defence including PBOR's, subject to conditions and guidelines as issued by CSD.

For more queries, contact your nearest dealer, write to us at [email protected] or fill the enquiry form.

To benefit from MCAS, please fill in the details below.


* Full Name:
* Company Name:
* Designation:
* Email ID:
* Mobile No.:
* Address:
* Requirement:
(please mention model and quantity)
* I hereby agree and authorize Mahindra & Mahindra Limited and all of its divisions, affiliates, subsidiaries, related parties and other group companies (collectively the "Mahindra Entities") to access my basic data / contact details provided herewith, i.e. my name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, birth date and / or anniversary date. I hereby consent to, agree and acknowledge that any of the Mahindra Entities may call/ email/ SMS me on any of the basic contact details shared by me, in order to assist with my car purchase or keep me informed regarding product details, or send me any marketing and other product or service related communication and other offers of any of the Mahindra Entities. I provide the details herein at my sole discretion and confirm that no Mahindra Entity shall be held responsible or liable for any claim arising out of accessing or using my basic data / contact details shared by me. I also consent to being assigned a unique identity within the Mahindra Group, to be shared amongst all Mahindra Entities, for the purpose outlined in this paragraph.
Thank you
Thank you for sharing your details we will contact you soon.