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Maintenance Tips

1.Try to drive at a steady speed between 60 and 80 km/hr.

2.Avoid accelerating or decelerating unnecessarily.

3.Incorrect gearshifts can lead to an increase in fuel consumption.

4.Keeping the leg on the clutch pedal leads to increased fuel consumption as well as damages to the clutch plate

5.Under inflated tyres increase rolling resistance - this leads to higher fuel consumption.

6.Keep the Air conditioner in "LO" mode (if the feature is available) whenever the ambient is not very hot.

7.Additional weight leads to increase in fuel consumption - Remove all unnecessary weights like golf equipment etc when not required.

8.For best fuel economy, use the recommended grade of engine oil & lubricants mentioned in the owner's manual.

9.While at traffic signals, switch off the engine - A micro-hybrid equipped variant will do it automatically for you.

Safety Tips

Driving Tips

Air-conditioning Tips