rolex gmt master ii green dual time replica watch

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What is dual time watch?

A dual-time watch has two hour hands in order to indicate time in two different time zones. The second hour hand is sometimes referred to as the GMT or UTC hand. The dial of a watch usually indicates 60 minutes and 12 hours.

rolex gmt master ii green dual time replica watch

The Rolex replica GMT-Master was originally designed for professional use to help aviation pilots. The combination of unmatched functionality and immediately recognizable aesthetics has attracted a wider audience of world travelers. Designed to show the time in two different time zones simultaneously during intercontinental flights, the GMT-Master is recognized for its robustness and versatile appearance. The GMT-Master II evokes intercontinental travel in different time zones. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) means average solar time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London - the location of the original meridian that is used to calculate longitude and determine different time zones around the world.

Nowadays the palette varies from brown, a color introduced in 2018, to black, green, blue, maroon and red. Bright, deep and intense, this colored ceramic gives a unique liveliness to the replica watches they wear.

This replica GMT-Master II is definitely one of my favorite models. Maybe because I love the green details on the dial or perhaps because it is an ideal watch for any occasion, whether casual or elegant, but I love it. Rolex replica presented this new version of the GMT-Master II at Baselworld 2007.

The housing has been re-modeled, the famous Triplock replaces the smaller twinlock crown, while the 24-hour ring is covered by a black ceramic disc with engraved numbers. The dial has larger indexes than previous models; and has green accents against the dark façade.

The sapphire glass is engraved with an image of the replica Rolex crown, exactly at 6 o'clock, close to the outer edge. This engraving, almost invisible to the naked eye, can be seen with a magnifying glass on a dark background. And they are subtle details like these that make this replica watches truly unique.